TIP of the WEEK: Teaching Good Hygiene

Latham CentersGood hygiene skills are essential in personal growth, independence, and self esteem. Teaching your child to be independent with their self care and as early as possible will save a tremendous amount of difficulty in later years. Here are some ways to teach good hygiene skills:
1. Use visual aids.
Pictures, videos and role plays are all excellent ways to teach your child what the steps of good hygiene look like. Keep the instructions simple and short.
2. Be mindful of sensory issues.
Work up to showers: The water can be frightening for people with sensory issues. Use a scented soap and shampoo if you notice an aversion to using these products- it may be a sensory issue.
3. Accept less than perfect results.
They will likely not do the job that you will and that’s ok. Praise every effort that is made and work up to proficiency. It’s better to teach the skills than have perfect results.
4. Make it fun.
Let them buy special products and supplies. Use music and games to encourage hygiene routines.
Whatever you do to teach these vital skills be sure to keep your patience and sense of humor. Staying consistent is the key to success!


Patrice Carroll
Manager of PWS Services

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