TIP of the WEEK: Summer Savings

With summer upon us here are some ideas for free or discounted summer activities for children and adults with disabilities.

1. The federal government offers free lifetime admission to every park, facility, federally sponsored event or activity requiring payment. This includes but is not limited to: all national parks, all wildlife refuges that are owned by the government, access to Fish and Wildlife facilities, this also includes free fishing and hunting licenses. Apply for an Access Pass online, it is good for your child’s lifetime.

2. Most states also offer free admission to state run parks, attractions, and buildings.

3. Sea World and Universal Studios offer up to 25% off admission for anyone with a disability.

4. Amtrack offers deeply discounted tickets for people with disabilities providing you buy the tickets
   in person.

5. The majority of amusement and water parks offer discounted tickets as well as passes to skip the   lines for rides.

6. If the person with a disability requires supervision from a caretaker, Lego Land offers free admission for that caretaker regardless of their relationship to the person.

7. If you’re reading from across the pond- the UK offers a CEA Card for anyone accompanying a person to the movies, their admission is free for every movie they attend.

Many companies offer discounts without publishing them so when in doubt, ask. You may be pleasantly surprised by the answer.

Submitted by:
Patrice Carroll

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