TIP of the WEEK: Shall We Dance?

It is true that many of our kids don’t hit the typical milestones that are set for the general population but that doesn’t mean that those milestones will never be achieved. Development, especially social development is more about learning, having the experiences to be able to grow, rather than an IQ score. If we are not allowed to take risks, make mistakes and achieve then we cannot develop and that is no different for our kids.

Yesterday the kids attended their annual holiday dance and it was filled with all of the joy, drama and heartache of a typical high school dance. One might argue that our kids need to be spared the potential rejection or lows that often come with teenage dating but I wholeheartedly disagree. Without the lows we don’t experience the highs; the fun, curiosity, and growth that comes with being in a relationship. Keeping them shielded from heartache or upset will only keep them young and immature. It is so hard to let them make mistakes and allow them to experiment with life but not allowing this is a disservice to their potential.

At the end of the day, the dance was a great memory and even with all the drama no one was the worse for it. Friends were made, first dances happened and even under watchful eyes I have no doubt that someone had their first kiss. And there is no better feeling than that.

From everyone at Latham Centers, have an amazing holiday and don’t forget to thank the staff and teachers who teach, coach, cheer for and love your children everyday.

Submitted by:
Patrice Carroll,
Manager of PWS Services

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