TIP of the WEEK: Keep Breathing

We often overlook the benefits of taking deep, mindful breaths. We have busy lives, little time, and rarely put ourselves first but this is one thing that we can make time for and the health benefits are extraordinary. Did you know that 30 seconds of deep breathing everyday actually improves your tissue function, increases your immune system, and acts as a detox for your blood cells? Not to mention the calming effect it has on your central nervous system.

Our kids often have a difficult time taking an effective deep breath. Try these tricks and let us know if you see an improvement:

  • Blow the biggest bubble contest. Encourage exhaling for as long as is comfortable and a deep inhale will follow.
  • Take a ping pong ball and draw a “goal” at the end of a table. See how many breathes it takes to blow the ball over the goal line. Try to improve their score everyday.
  • Have them blow a feather in the air and using only their breath, see how long they can keep it from touching the ground.
  • Set a timer and slowly extend the time each day until you get to 3 minutes.

It is important for kids and adults to practice deep breathing everyday but it is equally as important for their caregivers to reduce stress and increase energy.

Submitted by:
Patrice Carroll

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