TIP of the WEEK: Happy Mother’s Day!

You are the mother of a child with special needs. In the early years you may have mourned and been jealous of the moms of ” typical kids” and then as time went on you accepted that you have been given a gift; a gift of a child that has brought you joy beyond your wildest expectations. You would not trade your life for one that may have been easier because an easier life would not have left you with the strength and tenacity that you now have. An easier life may have been less lonely and more self indulgent but an easier life would leave you without the child that has defied all odds, that brings pride in every milestone even if those milestone happen years later than those of their peers. You are the mother of a child who has survived and thrived in a world that isn’t always kind to them and they have made it because of you. You have been on their side, been their champion even when every “expert” and doctor has told you otherwise. You are brave and irreverent and compassionate beyond what seems possible because you have witnessed miracles first hand. Today I say Happy Mother’s Day to you and ask that you please do something nice for yourself because you have earned it.

Happy Mother’s Day from everyone at Latham and rest in the knowledge that we may never love your child as much as you do but we come pretty darn close!

Patrice Carroll
Manager, PWS Services

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“Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” 
~Marion C. Garretty

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