Tip of the Week: Creating a safe, happy space in an environment of unrest

This is a time of change and unrest in our country right now. Depending on your child’s developmental level, the news may be very scary and confusing, and it may be difficult to explain to them what they are watching. My best advice is to turn off the news and turn on their favorite programs, and try your best to make your home safe and happy while we wait for things in our country to settle down. While we want our children with special needs to be informed and we want to tell them the truth, it can be difficult to explain concepts to them that are above their intellectual understanding. Meet them where they are at, and try to create security in your own home so they do not have to worry about the goings-on outside of their doors. 


Patrice Carroll, Latham Centers’ Director of PWS Services, is world-renowned for her Prader-Willi syndrome expertise. She works with Latham students and residents, their families, and other experts, continuously learning and teaching about PWS best practices. If you have PWS-related questions, we invite you to email TipTopics@LathamCenters.org.

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