Telling our Stories


*We have reached out to both our students and adult residents who call Latham Centers home and have asked them to tell us their stories. They’ve courageously battled through medical and familial issues to be where they are today and they tell the stories of what makes them happiest while others will tell you about their journey through  medical diagnoses like PWS. These stories tell the truth behind what it means to have special needs from our incredibly respected residents and we thank every resident for sharing and every staffer for listening. To respect the privacy of our individuals, we have changed their names.

My Life with PWS
My name is Lauren and I was born with A-typical PWS. This means that I do not have all the characteristics of PWS. My family and I were informed when I was between 2 and 3 years old that I had PWS due to food seeking behaviors. I had delayed speech and did not walk until I had better mobility.  I went to Public Elementary School, and during eighth grade was pulled out to go to my first private school. I than went to Latham Centers in 2011.  During my younger years I was teased a lot because of my weight. I did not have many friends to play with.
Things got better when I went to a special school because I was put into a program that was designed just for me. I was able to lose weight and feel better about myself.  It is hard to live with PWS every day because as of yet there is no known cure. Here at Latham I am living with other PWS young adults which helps me stay on track. I still go through mood swings and sometimes I have difficulty knowing why I do what I do. I am thankful that I have my teacher, clinicians, staff, and friends and family to help me every day.   

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