Team Latham 16 Breezes Past Falmouth Road Race Finish Line

Jordan Milesky of Brewster and Drexel University running the 2013 Falmouth Road Race for Latham Centers, Inc.

Sunday August 12 marked the 41st Running of the New Balance Falmouth Road Race  on Cape Cod. More than 12,000 runners ran the scenic 7.1 mile coastline course, including runners for some 100 regional charities. For the second consecutive year, Latham Centers was among the charities selected for its popular Numbers for Non-Profits program. As part of Team Latham, sixteen dedicated runners came together to run the race and raise program operating funds for Latham children and adults with complex special needs. While the race attracts professional runners from around the globe, the race provided Latham with a vehicle to attract new donor support while promoting healthy exercise in the great outdoors. The day was sunny and clear, and also featured some runners who were not able to cross the Finish Line this April at the Boston Marathon.

One Latham family member/runner called the event a “powerful experience” while a Latham employee/ runner described it as “truly inspirational and moving.” Rounding out the running pack was a Latham parent and past and current employees and community supporters. Each runner ran with heart and for a cause near and dear to his or her heart.  What’s more, every dollar raised through donations will help to support  Latham’s athletic programs, Special Olympics training and physical/occupational therapy for individuals with complex special needs. To learn more, visit
Submitted by:
Gerry Desautels
VP of Development and Community Outreach 

“It was being a runner that mattered, not how fast or how far I could run. The joy was in the act of running and in the journey, not in the destination. 
~John Bingham
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