Survivor Orlando: A Staff’s Perspective

I had the pleasure of attending my first PWS conference this past week in Florida. I sat in on several different lectures, ranging from behavioral and medical issues to the role of the family in the life of the person with PWS. I met families from all over the country and was able to hear their stories. I was happy to learn of the support everyone had for each other and how we truly are one family and that no one is alone.

I was happiest to hear about dealing with behavioral issues, food security and helping the child with PWS function in our society. I am proud to say that Latham incorporates the same information I heard from the experts into our own programming here on campus.

As a counselor who deals with the children in their residence, I rely on my training and support from my fellow staff. Our training is key in creating a safe environment for our students. I am proud of the amazing job Latham staff does working with children with PWS. We are using all the important tools and strategies to assist and aid our students to be successful in their lives. It is the support we give now that will help our children to be valued members of their community.

Contributed by:
Frannie Quirk,
Residential Counselor

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