Students recognized for outstanding summer program achievements

At Latham’s Back-to-School Community Meeting last week, our teachers created and presented many new awards recognizing students for their great work during Latham School’s eight-week summer program. At the Community Meeting, Sarah jane Mason, Performing Arts Instructor, led the entire group in a welcome song. After an honor roll announcement, there were a few chuckles over some silly jokes, followed by heartwarming affirmations in which students said something nice about themselves and staff members. Gabby, for example, said, “I’m doing really well with my reading!” and Daniel said, “Mike always makes me smile!”

The meeting ended with awards:

  • Honor Roll Recipients – Chris S., Chris M., Dylan, Patrick, Sean, Jessica, and Chloe.

  • MVP of the Summer Program – Patrick, for always being a team player and being involved in every aspect of the summer program.

  • Vocational Club – Donnie, for always having a good attitude when learning new things/jobs

  • Science Club – Anne Marie, for always following directions with a smile; and Sudelka, for being a great helper

  • Swim Club – Kassandra, who was always safe and happy on swim club outings

  • Games and Puzzles Club – Christafa, who was most likely to try a new game

  • Scrapbook Club – Ari, for always adding fun details to her pages

  • Outdoor Activities Club – Jessica, for always having a smile no matter the activity

  • Summertime Music – Dylan, for always trying new things and practicing in between

  • Book Club – Riley, for always being an awesome participant

  • On the Move Award – Homer, for great participation in every community outing

  • Summer Fish Award – Devin, who enjoyed and participated in every water and swim activity

  • Best Manners of the Summer Award – Gordon, for working hard on his manners every day

  • Best Dressed Award – Gabby, who always looked top-notch and ready to go

  • Best Smile Award – Davi, who has the most contagious smile (and is always smiling!)

  • Most Likely to Bust a Move – Nyla, who is always dancing (and showed her moves at the meeting!)

  • Summer Star Classroom Awards (1 per class) – Dorien, Sean, Bridget, Natalya, Alyssa, Makayla, CJ, and Katrina

It was a memorable Community Meeting – kudos to our students and Children’s Program staff!


Submitted by Katrina Fryklund, Director of National Outreach

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