Students find their ‘Inner Superhero’ in campus art project

Residential Activities Coordinator Danny Anderson shared highlights from a recent “Create your own superhero” activity on campus. Danny said, “Huge shout out to Chris Fitz, Cooper, Hanna G, and Kevin C for helping everyone find our students’ inner hero!”

Latham students show us their talents as they produce unique and inspirational artwork with the support of staff. The superhero craft project highlighted students’ art skills and creativity, as well as thoughtfulness and introspection.

Some highlights from the project

o Rocket whose strengths are strong, fast, quiet, and smart

o Unicorn Animal Lover Singing Dancing Girl – kid, silly, and strong describe her

o The FIGH – (Faith Ignite Grateful Hope) – strong, brave, selfless, and smart

o Animal In Crisis Rescue Saver who wants to help animals in need of help/rescue/medical attention

o Rainbow Girl – whose strengths are flying and super strength

o Star – who has a beautiful purple cape

o Wonder Woman – whose superpowers are ‘advocating for my daughter’

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