Student Spotlight: Scott receives President’s Award for Outstanding Vocational Achievement

Latham Centers’ Vocational Program is truly impressive. Students have opportunities to work on campus and in the community, with the support of our Career Services Manager and Job Coaches. Based on each student’s interests and abilities, the team works together to determine appropriate job choices. Students are responsible for working their hardest, learning new skills, and always coming to work with a positive attitude.

At our Year-End Celebration, Laura Heilmann presented the President’s Award for Outstanding Vocational Achievement to Scott, who has had an exceptional year. He has met personal physical fitness goals as well as vocational goals, and we can’t think of a more deserving recipient.

During a recent Vocational Class, Job Coach Kevin Cole sat down with Scott and presented him with the following prompt. “The Latham Centers Communication and Outreach Team would like to highlight you in a blog post and hear your perspective. Please answer the following questions as if a reporter was interviewing you for a newspaper!” Kevin said Scott is a man of few word, however, each answer was impactful and demonstrated the work he does daily at Latham Centers. Below are his answers.

    • What types of jobs have you tried while working in LathamWorks? “Van cleaning, vacuuming, shredding, soap making, wood working.”

    • Why do you love working so much in our vocational program? “Because the jobs are fun and interactive. They teach me a lot of stuff and help me get ready” [for life after Latham].

    • What have you learned since being a part of LathamWorks? “That they are a good program. I learned that they teach good skills, such as the skills to do all the jobs I do.”

    • What is your dream job after you graduate from Latham? “Landscaping or a mechanic.”

Katrina Kozak, Director of National Outreach, said that Scott is always helping staff at Latham Centers, even if it’s not part of his job that day. “He takes every career opportunity seriously and impresses me on a daily basis. It is typical to see him working hard, smiling, and helping his peers. You deserve this – CONGRATS!

(Pictured: Scott with Career Services Manager Laura Heilmann)

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about horticulture at Latham Centers!


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