Student Spotlight: New student Bella loves Latham’s science outings!

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to one of our new students! Director of Program Marketing & Admissions Brittni Kliment interviewed Bella for today’s Student Spotlight. In her conversation with Brittni, Bella shared some of her favorite things about being at Latham:

What is your favorite thing about Latham so far?

“I really like the menu, the outings, and the classroom!”

What fun activities at Latham do you enjoy so far?

“Hiking with Tomas on the science outings. We saw a snake once in the water and we even get to go on a seal watch at the end of the summer!”

What advice would you give someone who was thinking of coming to Latham?

“It is really fun here, there are lots of fun activities and everyone is really nice.”

What advice would you give to family members who were thinking about sending their student/child to Latham?

“It’s a good place, everyone is nice, and you learn a lot. I am safe here and people really care about me!”

What at Latham has helped you be successful so far?

“Katie has helped me with my reading. The food has helped me too, I know what to expect with the menu.”

What do you like about the staff here?

“They are all really nice, a lot of fun, and helpful!”

How is the food?


What is your favorite meal so far?

“I like the pizza.”

I know it changes all the time, what has been your favorite pizza so far?

“Pepperoni is my favorite so far.”

What are some goals you have here?

“I want to get better at reading.”

What’s a fun fact about yourself you want people to know?

“I like pets, especially dogs.”

I did know that about you, do you want to share your favorite question to ask me?

“Can we go get a dog for the school?”

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know Bella and having her join the Latham Community. She is witty, charismatic, and inquisitive! She has already begun to build lasting friendships and continues to grow each and every day. Welcome to the Latham Community, Bella and Family, we’re so pleased to have you!

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