Steve Bebrin shares “Why I Run” the Falmouth Road Race for Latham

Eleven Team Latham Falmouth Road Race runners have signed on for the 7-mile seaside road race to raise funds for Latham Centers. We honor their commitment and gratefully share “Why I Run,” in the words of Latham parent Steve Bebrin. Steve’s son Michael is a Latham School graduate and current resident in Latham Centers’ Adult Services program. (Latham serves individuals with complex special needs, including Prader-Willi syndrome.)

“When Michael was little, he looked like an angel – one of those little cherubs with the curly blonde hair and big blue eyes. His laughter was infectious, he had a pitch-perfect sense of humor, and he charmed absolutely everyone he met (and still does). And he really was a little angel – just one who needed a lot more support than the average kid. He sunburnt like crazy so at the beach, he’d be bundled up like a terry-cloth mummy. He collected all of our shoelaces and amassed them into one giant, impenetrable knot. Wearing his headphones, he’d “play” our old acoustic guitar and sing along, in total bliss. Once he tried to smuggle the cat to school for show and tell in his backpack.

He was a great kid (and is an amazing adult!), but managing him was hard, too. We graduated from a baby gate to locks on the fridge and pantry to keep him from stealing food at night (when he did get caught, he’d blame the cat – classic Michael). He can’t feel pain very well, so one BBQ ended with a trip to the emergency room after Michael accidentally burnt his hand on the grill. The anxiety over food and his schedule was constant and crippling. Meltdowns in public and at home were par for the course, and as he got older, it became clear that as much as we were doing as a family, we wouldn’t be able to provide the level of support he needed to live successfully day to day.

When we finally found Latham Centers in 2009, it felt like a miracle for our angel kid. A food-secure campus and a rigorously upheld schedule meant that Michael could be more than his anxiety. With the support and guidance of Latham’s dedicated, exemplary staff members, he could do activities and trips into the community, form friendships and let his wonderful personality shine.

Now, nearly ten years later, he has blossomed into a charismatic, absurdly well-known adult who bowls like a champ, delivers Meals on Wheels, and works with the donkeys. Tall, blonde, personable – our angel is all grown up and, thanks to Latham Centers, spreading his love and joy all around Cape Cod.

Thank you for supporting my running of the Falmouth Road Race for this amazing organization, Latham Centers. It is so much appreciated!”

This year marks Steve’s 6th time running in the Falmouth Road Race as a member of Team Latham. The race kicks off at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 19th. To donate, please visit Steve’s fundraising page. To learn more about Prader-Willi syndrome, visit


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