STEM at Latham Centers: The Blue Economy




Maura Smith, Latham Centers’ Director of Vocational Programs, has been hard at work in the community, on campus, and in our residential homes. During her time at Latham Centers Maura has helped to increase our community inclusion with incredible results – over 60% of our children and adults are employed or volunteering in community positions.
Recently, the kiddos have been invited to work in collaboration with the Brewster Shellfish Department for “Latham Live Blue,” an oyster experiential STEM learning program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). This enables our residents new opportunities for exercise, community inclusion, civic engagement, fun in the sun, teamwork, vocational training and sequential learning.
It all started by picking training dates and teaching our new Oyster Cullers about proper attire: warm clothes, sunscreen, gloves and boots. Next, Latham residents learned about the low-tide chart and met Ryan of the Brewster Shellfish Department. Ryan showed the residents sequential cages of oysters growing from babies to large sizes to be harvested. He demonstrated how to move oysters from one cage to another using measuring tools, and continues to be open to questions from our inquisitive residents.
While Maura’s been busy in the Children’s program with Latham Live Blue and the Agway Herb Garden, she has also been working in the adult program! Just last weekend four Latham Artists participated in the Hands on the Hearts Craft Fair in Eastham, selling beautiful hand-made and recycled goods. The residents enjoyed the community activity, the music, and meeting the other crafters.  (Not to mention each earning over $100.00 towards more art supplies!)
Additionally, *Tom started Tom’s World Class Office Assistant Company! His first customer is Rogers and Gray in Kingston, where he is working at a competitive wage. Don’t think that Maura and Latham are going to stop there! Currently jobs are being cultivated at Cape Repertory Theater and in the Latham Lifelong Pet Care Program!

*Tom’s name and business name have been changed to protect his privacy

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