Staff Spotlight: The Dr. Russell S. Boles, Jr. Rookie of the Year Award (Part 2)

In this follow-up to yesterday’s announcement about Latham Centers’ Rookie of the Year Award presented at our End-of-Year Celebration, today we introduce a member of our Adult Services Program honored with this award.

The Dr. Russell S. Boles, Jr. Rookie of the Year Award is presented in memory of a dear friend to Latham who passed away earlier this year at the age of 96. Not only was Russell Boles totally devoted to our students and staff, he was also one of Latham’s biggest cheerleaders. The ongoing award was presented last week to that new staff person who epitomizes the professionalism and grace that Russell Boles always demonstrated.

Director of Adult Services Gina Sheehan welcomed Shanna Cipro, our Adult Program Nursing Services Manager, to join her on stage. Gina’s inspiring award presentation follows:

“I’ve been working at Latham long enough to know when I cross paths with someone who needs to be part of this team. When I find that person, my hope is with a fair amount of pestering, a healthy amount of annoyance, and most importantly, stories of how truly wonderful the students, adult residents, and staff are at Latham, they decide to join me. Well, Shanna, I knew you belonged here the second I met you, and I think you knew that, too. In your short time here, you have become part of the team – although I think I can speak collectively for the Adult Services Program that it feels like you have always been here. We thank you for joining our team and choosing us. Your positivity, sense of humor, and high expectations have been a wonderful contribution to the Adult Services management team. Your medical oversight, nursing experience, and dedication to excellence in care to our individuals have continued the growth of the Adult services nursing department. Shanna, I am honored to present you with the Russell S. Boles, Jr. Rookie of the Year Award. “Rookie of the Year” suggests talent, resilience, and confidence to do your job to the best of your ability every single time. On behalf of the Latham Centers Adult Services Program, thank you for everything, and I am so excited to see what next year brings. Thank you!”

Congratulations from all of us at Latham to our two Rookie of the Year Award honorees, Craig Thatcher and Shanna Cipro!

Pictured at our June 21st Year End Celebration of Mastery: Gina Sheehan (left) and Shanna Cipro; and (left to right) Heather Kelsey, Mrs. Russell S. Boles, Anne McManus, and Liz (Boles) Gutterson.

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