Staff Spotlight: Social Media Intern Alexia Vidinha

“Get to Know Me”

My name is Alexia Vidinha, and I recently began working at Latham Centers as the Social Media Intern! My first day consisted of walking around campus, meeting the staff, and introducing myself to some of the students. During my tour, I got to see some of the students involved in schoolwork and activities, and I actually received a bracelet from student Archie, made by a student in the LathamWorks Vocational program.

I am looking forward to getting more active on campus while still learning in the process. My focus on campus will include taking pictures and helping Latham Centers be more active with all different platforms of social media. I am very grateful for this opportunity to be involved in a program that is bigger than oneself.

Overall, I would say my first day was a bear on the animal energy scale, and I can not wait to get more involved in Latham Centers!

Update: As the time goes on, I have had the time to experience showing my face around campus more and getting to know some students! I have made a handful of blog posts and even got to interview a student about the Latham Centers School Store. I am looking forward to the Halloween parade to see all the students in their costumes. I am excited to continue to learn about the media world and my passion for taking pictures. ~Alexia

To Alexia from Latham Centers: We’re so happy to have you as part of our Latham team – welcome and thank you for helping us share our Program news!

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