Staff Spotlight: Mike Conkling named Staff of the Month

Mike Conkling, Children’s Services Support Staff, was honored as Staff of the Month at the April Children’s Program Community Meeting. Mike has certainly made an impact here at Latham – he was nominated for the award for many reasons, including “helping across the board with a smile on his face.” Supervisory staff said that Mike is a valued member of the team for his positive attitude, consistency, and reliability. “He is always calm and collected, always happy to help, and always smiling.”

Supervisors also noted that Mike is working very hard to excel here at Latham Centers. Other shout-outs from colleagues include:

“Pleasant and helpful. Always willing to assist.”

“Works well with all students and staff across components. Positive attitude throughout.”

“Always calm and collected.”

“Takes challenges thrown at him in stride… His dedication and patience has resulted in unmistakable progress in the students he has been working with.”

“He is new, but never afraid of anything he is asked to do… He is always asking and learning about his job and ways he can be better. Mike is showing himself to be a very committed member of this team.”

Congratulations to Mike for earning the Staff of the Month Award!

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