Staff Spotlight: Mac Selesnick earns Roy T. Morgan Award

Mac Selesnick, a Residential Supervisor in our Children’s Program, was honored with the Roy T. Morgan Award* at Latham’s 2022 Year-End Celebration. The Morgan Award acknowledges staff and supervisors who have made a significant contribution to the work of Latham Centers and the children and adults we serve. When Taylor Burns (Assistant Director of Weekend Programming and Staffing) announced the winner of the award, students were thunderous in their applause and chants, “Mac! Mac! Mac!”

Taylor’s award presentation speech follows:

This individual has shown the ability to think critically and strategically throughout their short tenure here at Latham Centers. I think we can all agree that both of those attributes are vital to properly serving our students and children. No matter what challenges this individual is faced with, they always put the student’s best interest first. There is never a time where one of our students asks this person a question, and the student receives a short-winded answer. They always listen to what our students have to say and provide them with real, and sometimes life-changing advice, support, and care. Whenever one of our staff are met with a challenge, this individual will go to the end of the earth to provide them with logical and meaningful solutions. No corners are ever cut, and no stones left unturned with this individual around. When you see this staff in action, whether it is in a suite, running the shift, or just playing games with the students, you can tell the dedication and compassion is there… Director of Nursing Bonnie White told me “I think he’s coming to you guys — his heart is working directly with the kids.” I think that says it all right there. Now, Latham students, I am going to ask for your help with this… please join me in congratulating the recipient of the Roy T. Morgan award, Mac Selesnick!

After Mac made his way to the stage, his words of appreciation received another hearty round of applause: “This recognition can go to all of you – all the students and all the staff – you’re the reason I’m here at Latham.”

Congratulations, Mac!


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*The late Roy T. Morgan was born in Rhode Island and became an industrialist who founded, owned, and managed the New England Malleable Iron Co. in Warwick. His foundry was known for the production of air-refined iron and made a significant contribution to the war effort during World War II. Mr. Morgan was an athlete and an avid golfer, described as an extremely private, patriotic, and strong-willed man. In his will, he made it clear that he was dedicated to the notion of “being his brother’s keeper” and created the Roy T. Morgan Foundation to aid children with disabilities. Grant support from the Roy T. Morgan Foundation has had a transformative impact on every Latham student.


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