Staff Spotlight: Jeanne Degnan appreciates Latham’s Children’s staff

As part of Latham Centers’ staff recognition program, service awards are presented to employees at incremental years of employment. Jeanne Degnan from our housekeeping staff recently received a service award in honor of her six-year milestone, and with her permission, we’re sharing her words of gratitude to Anne McManus, Latham President and CEO.

“I would like to thank you for the service award. It’s my pleasure to help keep the campus clean. I think it’s important for the kids to have a healthy, clean place, since Latham is their home. It’s also important for the staff to have a clean, healthy place to work in. It just amazes me to see the staff working with the kids. I call the staff “Guardian Angels” to the kids. Some days I see the staff and kids having fun together, and other days it is a challenge. The staff has patience and lots of love comes from the staff members’ hearts. I’m sure the kids appreciate everyone’s help – ‘Life Is A Challenge For Everyone!’ Latham is the kids’ home with “Guardian Angels” all around. I wish and pray for a great future for Latham kids and staff. I hope to be a part of Latham for a long time.” — Jeanne Degnan

Jeanne is a dedicated, reliable housekeeping team member who takes pride in her work and consistently goes above and beyond. We appreciate your service and your message of hope, Jeanne!

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