Staff Spotlight: Honoring Monique Williams, maaps award nominee (Part 1)

Several Latham School teachers were recently nominated for the Excellence in Teaching Award given annually by the Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools (maaps). The award acknowledges superior teaching contributions to special needs children by a classroom teacher whose performance and achievement reflects the high principles of the profession and the Association. Many of our teachers were nominated for their excellence in teaching and supporting our students. We’ll share excerpts of each Latham educator’s award nomination in a series of weekly blogs. We begin with Monique:

Monique Williams is the Health and Physical Education teacher at Latham School. Monique has continuously been a leader amongst the educational shift in her variety of roles, including health teacher, gym teacher, Special Olympics coordinator, lifeguard, mentor, peer, coworker, and more. Monique consistently goes above and beyond her ‘job duties’ and aids the Latham community in any way that she can.

Physical activity and healthy eating play a large role in the health of our students. Monique has implemented curriculums in both her health and physical education classes to assist our students in being aware of how to maintain a healthy diet. As a teacher, Monique is effective in her ability to write IEP goals that address the needs of a student with regard to their physical education and health. She has been influential in weight loss, muscle gain, and coordination for a variety of the students here at Latham. In addition to her IEP goals, Monique has done some exceptional work utilizing curriculum and pieces of equipment to lead meaningful and engaging lessons. Her units range from yoga to basketball, and she uses a variety of pieces of equipment including technology-based ‘Just Dance’ and small weight sets. Monique also has taken her Sexual Education curriculum and implemented modifications and materials that are more easily understood. Monique’s love for what she teaches is evident every day. Her drive to help our students succeed is among the highest of all our employees.

Monique’s job duties also include being the Latham Centers Special Olympics Coordinator. Monique is involved in a variety of meetings and events to assist in implementing Special Olympics into our students’ weekly schedule. She effectively leads soccer, basketball, football, bowling, and track and field. Monique has not only led the students, but she has led our team of staff in becoming effective leaders and coaches on the field. She manages all administrative tasks such as identifying practice areas including gyms and bowling alleys of local community partners. She identifies the practice time and schedules, as well as tournament events. She works with all components on the Latham campus to ensure that people are working together.

Monique is a role model amongst her colleagues and is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever she is needed. She works well with others and is always volunteering to help wherever people need her. Monique epitomizes what it is to be a great coworker.

Today, we thank and honor Monique.

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