Staff Spotlight: Children’s overnight counselor Brant Lemieux is a role model to all

Brant Lemieux initially joined the Children’s Services team at Latham while earning a degree. “A good friend of mine was working at Latham and suggested I apply. I was in school at the time and my schedule at Latham allowed me to work and go to school full time. I had some experience working with children, but not much. I quickly learned that I really enjoyed working with kids,” he said. Brant works from 8 p.m. until 9 a.m. as an Overnight Child Care Worker, and he has become a leader to many here at Latham Centers.

Brant noted two rewards of working here. “First, the students that I work with and the challenge of building relationships and helping new students that come to Latham. But also, my co-workers are now like family to me.” Though he has been a part of many significant milestones in the Children’s Program, Brant recalled the time he watched a student graduate—someone he had worked with on the student’s very first day at Latham. “It was a bittersweet moment, but definitely a memorable one.” (Brant also mentioned meeting his fiancée here at Latham, adding “I can’t forget that!”)

For others hoping to start a career as a direct support professional, Brant has some encouraging words: “It’s a great career field for people who like working as a team and want to make a difference in people’s lives. One of the greatest rewards of our job is that we get to see our hard work make a difference right before our very eyes. We get to see the people we serve progress and tackle challenges that they may not have been able to before. Another benefit of working in this field is that you’re going to grow a lot personally. You face some difficult challenges at times in this line of work, but the knowledge you gain from these challenges is priceless.”

Brant receives many accolades here at Latham, including this from Assistant Residential Director Ron Edwards: “Brant Lemieux is an exemplary staff member. He is unendingly patient with his students, and always works to uplift them. He is supportive of his colleagues and is always willing to help in whatever way he can. He is thoughtful and professional in any communication, staff and students alike, and is always respectful in any interaction. I strive to be as patient, positive, and respectful – he is a role model for all of us.”

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