Staff Spotlight: Amy Smith successfully balances career and family

Amy Smith began working at Latham Centers more than 15 years ago, and the evolution of her career will inspire anyone hoping to find just the right balance between their work life and family life. Amy is a valued direct support staff member in Latham’s Adult Services Program, but she’s also a mom, a wife, and a volunteer.

“When I started in 2002, I began as a substitute. After I got married and we decided to start our family, I accepted the position of Child Care Worker, working overnights. My thoughts were that I could be home during the day with my baby, and work while she was sleeping at night. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a tired mom at times, but having the time with my children during the day was worth it. Most of my years at Latham have been spent on the overnight shift. It has allowed me the flexibility to be home during the day, saving with childcare expenses and giving me the opportunity to bewith my children. As they have grown, working those shifts has given me the chance to attend school functions, concerts, teacher conferences, and best of all, volunteer for field trips and classroom time.”

Amy believes that starting as a substitute was the ideal beginning for her at Latham. “My friend was working in the residences and suggested I apply. I started off as a sub, which I loved due to the fact that I could work all different shifts, days and nights. This gave me the opportunity to meet all different staff members, as well as the students. I was able to build meaningful relationships that way, while finding exactly where I fit in best.”

Amy’s most memorable moment at Latham was when she won the Roy T. Morgan Award for Exceptional Service. “I was honored, and it meant so much to receive this award because it was voted by my fellow hardworking co-workers,” Amy said. “Another memorable moment is when I returned back to work after my maternity leave. I won’t ever forget walking into the North Wing suite, and all the girls were standing at the end of the hall with a welcome back sign, shouting ‘we missed you!’ It was the sweetest!”

For other parents hoping to juggle work and family needs, Amy’s insight might be helpful: “Latham is a very good fit for a parent’s schedule needs. Family comes first, and I believe that Latham supports that belief.”



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