Staff Spotlight: Adult Services’ Brianna Isaacs earns Roy T. Morgan Award

Brianna Isaacs, a Case Manager in our Adult Services Program, was honored with the Roy T. Morgan Award at last month’s End of Year Celebration at our Brewster campus. The Morgan Award acknowledges staff and supervisors who have made a significant contribution to the work of Latham Centers and the children and adults we serve. Assistant Director of Adult Services Benjamin Mundy’s award presentation at the June 21st event follows:

“They say that it’s the quiet ones that you should look out for. Now this may not be the exact situation they were thinking of when they first said that. But it rings true nonetheless.

There are so many people who work quietly in the background here at Latham. They pick up extra shifts, they change their plans last minute, they go above and beyond what is reasonable to expect, and they do all of that with a positive attitude!

Brianna Isaacs is one such individual. It is difficult to explain what Brie means to this program. When the chips are down, and the program or individuals are in a corner, Brie is always at the top of the list. She’s like the Ghostbusters like that! Who you gonna call? Has anyone called Brie?!

I really could go on and on. I could bring up a line of people who all have a story about how Brie has impacted their lives. I could ask the managers and scheduling team to come up and talk about how many times she has pulled us out of a jam. But I won’t do that. Just trust me. I could.

Brie, thank you. From the bottom of our collective hearts. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, your dedication to the individuals we serve, and your commitment to the people with whom you work – and thank you for bringing all of yourself to your role! Please accept this year’s Roy T. Morgan Award as a small token of our appreciation.”

Congratulations, Brianna!

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