Staff Appreciation in the Children’s Program


Gerry Pouliot, Director of the Children’s Program, would like to take this opportunity to recognize staff on campus for their amazing work. Ranging from staffers that make campus feel like home, to staffers who always give speedy assistance when necessary, everyone plays an important role on campus. An example of this is Kristi D. who works tirelessly every year to help the girls try on dresses for the Annual Best Buddies Prom. This year others helped her in this endeavor, including Kristina Law and Kara McDowell! Other staff that Gerry would like to acknowledge include:

Allie S.: Awesome job making it “feel like home,” as one of the students said. Jadon for adding to the significant calming and order to both “Tucket” suites. Thank you, the help has been a long time coming!

Danny A.: For a great sense of humor and helping others mesh into their new positions. Thanks for being such a positive role model and leader for the kids we help every day! All such refreshing and incredibly helpful additions.

Tim V.: For moving like the wind to assist in nursing!

Holly H.: Who is always there with an easy answer to the difficult questions.

Patti H-M.: For her positive attitude and for always smiling!

Jenna K.: For her problem-solving skills.

Krystal K.: For taking the lead on the decorations for Brewster in Bloom even though she wasn’t here to enjoy it. Amazing planning and organization!

Neomie L.: For also working so hard on the Brewster in Bloom Parade Float. She did an outstanding job picking up from where Krystal left off to produce the final product! Everything looked AMAZING!

Gina S.: For fearlessly leading the residential team in Brewster in Bloom, helping us to win “Best in Show!” She even did a fantastic on-the-spot radio interview on 102.3 The Dunes!

Others to thank for their help on the float include Ron G., Bridget N., Katherine, Victoria, Jaqueline, Korine, and Rose – THANKS, TEAM!

Marisa W.: For coming in on Sunday so her colleagues could get well-deserved breaks.

Liz and Khanh: Who helped on an extremely challenging day. Thank you!

The Cottage staff: For your outstanding job creating stability and consistency for all of our students!

Mike P.: For helping out during residential hours and for always maintaining a sense of humor, which is so appreciated by your colleagues.

Melissa S-Z.: Who has handled some challenging shifts recently with a calm and professional manner. She has remained cool under pressure and has worked hard to make the shift run smoothly.

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