Spring Concert and Art Festival: The Campus Celebrates

Annually, staff on campus host the Art Festival and Spring Concert. Students were rich with excitement as they prepared art installments in their classrooms in the morning. They were still giddy as they walked back into their classrooms after the afternoon concert.

This year’s Art Festival was themed “Castles and Dragons,” and all the classrooms got creative! After voting ballots were tallied the Marconi Classroom came out on top with their castle installation! It was an interactive design, and students and teachers from Marconi walked around campus with home-made dragon headbands. Other stellar designs included a sandcastle with a dragon emerging from its depths, and a paper-chain dragon!

Finally, the Spring Concert was not to be missed by any staff or student on campus. Everyone came out of their classrooms, offices and dorm rooms to watch performances on the outside stage. Each classroom described different aspects of a musical genre to the crowd, including jazz, country, rock, and pop. The Race Point classroom sang Ella Fitzgerald’s, A-Tisket, A-Tasket (jazz). Then, Brewster Falls sang Jolene, by Dolly Parton, and the Rock Harbor classroom sang Knee Deep, by the Zac Brown band (country). For the rock genre, the Nauset classroom performed an outstanding version of Queen’s, We Will Rock You, while Bass River sang Don’t Stop Believin,’ by Journey. Lastly, two popular songs were sang. Marconi sang Lady Gaga’s, Million Reasons, and Long Pond sang What Makes you Beautiful, by One Direction.

Megan Fedor, Performing Arts Instructor has been working with the students on a regular basis to teach them lyrics and facts about the songs selected. She played guitar for each, and helped to keep the momentum going, even when some kids forgot lyrics. Congratulations to everyone on campus, including the students, for another amazing Art Festival and Spring Concert. We already can’t wait until next year!


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