Spreading Autism awareness and emphasizing resilience

Today (Saturday, April 2nd) is World Autism Awareness Day! Behavior Technician Ashley B. from our Children’s Program compiled some of her favorite educational resources on Autism for our greater Latham community and beyond.

(Stay tuned for photos from campus next week, in honor of National Autism Awareness Day (and World Autism Month)!

General info- CDC link

Diagnostic criteria overview – based on DSM V

Evidence based treatment/interventions

Autism in the media (and misconceptions good doctor, atypical, etc)

What is the neurodiversity movement

Family Perspective (2 contrasting perspectives – “have a nice trip” written in contrast/as a reaction to “Welcome to Holland”

I also really like this post, specifically this quote: The world is pretty ‘aware’ of the word autism. Now we need to make sure we push for more than that.”

The World Autism Day theme for this year (2022) is “Inclusive Quality Education for All” — thank you to Ashley for helping us amplify this important message!

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