Spirit Week 2021 Part 1 – Pajama Day!

Last week’s Spirit Week celebrations on campus were incredible! This year, ideas for Spirit Week came from a group effort between the staff, students, and parents. It was fantastic to see everyone come together to decide which themes would be the most fun. The final decision was:

· Pajama Day (an all-time favorite),

· Represent your State Day (a modified version of Sports Jersey Day),

· Favorite Character Day,

· Career Day, and FINALLY…

· Field Day, where students and staff were encouraged to dress like their favorite comic book characters.

Pajama day was an amazing start to the week. Students dressed up in their favorite cozy clothes. Three mystery staff dressed as Latham Hawks in the world’s comfiest onesies and flew around campus, taking photos with many students. Take a look at our slideshow featuring awesome moments here!


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