A special Latham School graduation

Monday was a momentous day at Latham School. We celebrated graduating student Lisa* and honored our Latham graduation tradition. Director of Education Brittni Kliment welcomed our students, staff, family members, and friends:

“For those of you that don’t know, Lisa has been at Latham for 9½ years. I have watched her grow and mature into the incredible young woman that we see sitting before us today. I would like to thank all of Lisa’s staff who assisted her throughout the years. As we all know, Latham is quite a special place. I am proud and honored to be standing up here today with you, Lisa, and wish you nothing but the best on your next journey!”

In keeping with Latham tradition, Brittni presented Lisa with a handmade quilt. “Not only are we a family here at Latham, but we also have an extended family. I would like to take a moment to recognize the Quilt Ladies who make these wonderful blankets for our graduating students. Lisa, here is a blanket that we hope will remind you of Latham and keep you warm on those cold nights.”

Although many staff members helped Lisa achieve her goals, she chose three speakers for her special occasion: her current Teacher, Katie Jaeger; her former Teacher, Tomas Ayala; and her Classroom Aide, Cara Losapio.

Katie told Lisa, “We have taught each other so much over the past year. Never stop learning…growing…exploring.”

Cara shared, “When we first met, we slowly started developing a relationship. First, we were swing buddies…we spent time together getting to know one another and finding our similarities. Over the course of time I’ve learned many things about Lisa, like how great an artist she is. Lisa is thoughtful, empathetic, and caring.”

Lisa was presented with two Certificates of Completion – one from Latham and the other from her home-town high school. Congratulations, Lisa, on a job well done!


*Name changed for confidentiality

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