September Children’s Staff Recognitions


Latham Centers would like to recognize the following staff for going above and beyond their job descriptions to provide a positive and productive environment for both the students and the staff on the Latham School Campus!
Amy A. for all the help she has provided to the West Wing. Amy A. works well with all the West Wing students and has made the mornings easier with her added support.
Amibeth as she has helped the newly assigned West Wing Aides adjust to their new suite, by informing them on each student’s Support Plans and their morning routines. Amibeth stays late each shift to make sure the student’s rooms are clean and to help with laundry.
Dave T. for all the hard work he does with the Upper Deck students. Dave supports all his students including the students requiring 1:1 staffing, by making sure they complete their morning routines on time. Your calm demeanor and thoughtfulness really gets the day started off right!
Mindy for doing a great job distributing morning medications wherever she is needed. Also, we want to recognize her for the support she gives to all new staff. She is approachable AND helpful!
Luke because he is the new Awake Overnight Staff in Yawkey. Luke provides the added support we need on our shift with compassion and eagerness to help wherever he is needed.
Mike P. Thanks for filling in as behavior specialist on super short notice!

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