Remembering our beloved campus therapy dog Indigo

At Latham Centers, so many things make us feel a sense of belonging. Our teamwork and our relationships with the students and adult residents we support bring us a sense of belonging, commitment, and commonality. Our relationships with one another grow as our shared experiences make us stronger and more connected. 

Sometimes, belonging comes out of places we may not expect.  

Our Children’s Program was recently brought together over the loss of a constant presence on campus, “our” dog Indigo.  Indigo was not really our dog; he was the dog of Clinician Beth Conway, a longtime member of our social services team. For over ten years, Indigo was a part of the clinical team, always showing up ready to work and brighten the lives of students and staff alike. Indigo made us all feel a sense of belonging no matter what was going on.  He helped students learn about respect, boundaries, and responsibility. He helped the rest of us by allowing us to experience the happiness of his wagging tail and a good pat when we needed it.  You could only smile when Indigo would come your way.

Indigo belonged to us and we belonged to Indigo. I know I speak for the entire Latham community when I say thanks to Beth and to Indigo for being part of our world.  

Anne McManus

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