Reflections on a month of incredible PWS Awareness Tips and Videos

We join Patrice Carroll and Katrina Fryklund in thanking everyone who volunteered to participate in Latham Centers’ PWS Awareness Month recordings! Every day throughout the month of May, we highlighted one of the many amazing things about the person with PWS. In today’s video, Izzy says excellently, “People with PWS may learn differently, but can achieve the same milestones and goals” as someone without PWS.

Katrina loved every minute of this project. “Participating in these recordings could not have been more of a delight and highlight to my day – and year. I’m so grateful to have been part of this. The smiles on the stars’ faces as each read their own, personalized fact, was awe-inspiring.”

Patrice also reflected on the month-long PWS Awareness project and the children and adults we serve. “We all know that there are some challenges that come along with PWS, but we don’t often talk about all the amazing things that people with PWS bring to the world. We hope that we have highlighted some of the good in the videos and have shown you how incredible the students are. They inspire us every day.”

From all of us at Latham, HAPPY PWS AWARENESS MONTH!

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