Reflecting on a very special day for our students

We have extraordinary staff, and this heartwarming news about how they adapted plans for a Latham prom for our students last month is yet another example of their creativity and dedication. Despite the challenging times, and with many restrictions in place, staff collaborated to coordinate structure for our students on campus so they could still enjoy a prom.

The gentlemen wore tuxes, our Dress Show was in full effect for our ladies, and students did their hair, put on some makeup, and danced the night away! Residential Supervisor Dominic Monick shared highlights:

Our first-ever Latham-hosted prom featured six party locations decorated with games, lights, and DJed by our residential supervisory team Neomie, Cara, Danny, and me. Every student was split up into smaller groups and given a map of their party hopping destinations, along with the trip to the photo stage before heading over to the Fire Museum (Latham Training Center) for a live performance from Mindy. Ensuring that the prom still happened meant the world to the kids; it gave them a moment to cut loose and have some fun in the midst of everything going on. Even faced with social distancing and spreading the groups out, we never seemed more together than Friday night’s dance.”

In addition to appreciating our staff, we’d like to thank a special community partner for their help with our prom. This was the sixth year that Michael Bellich, Sales Manager at Puritan of Cape Cod, and his team have come to campus to fit each of our young gentlemen for a tuxedo. Each boy chooses the color of his tie, vest, or cummerbund. Michael Bellich shared, “We love to see their faces light up. We have watched many of them grow up, and this is something that we look forward to every year.” In thanking Puritan, Director of Development Heather Kelsey said, “The tuxes from Puritan really make the Prom special for our young men. We are so grateful to them for the time that they spend making every student look and feel his best.”

Despite everything going on in recent weeks, our Children’s Services Program staff have done an incredible job ensuring that our students had the prom that they truly deserved – and so much more. We can’t think of a better way to thank staff than sharing an excerpt of a letter from a Latham School parent:

“There are not words that can adequately express how thankful we are for your hard work and long hours you willingly perform to keep Latham going during this difficult time.

I can only imagine what your days are like… Please know how fortunate we feel to have our child at Latham… When I learned she was going to the prom, I nearly passed out. This speaks volumes about the care, thoughtfulness, creativity and willingness you demonstrate on a day to day basis….

In my prayers every night, I always thank God that we were led to Latham. And I ask him to bless everyone there. You are doing God’s work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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