Rachel Graduates: Julian Cyr Attends Graduation

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Yesterday, you learned about State Senator Julian Cyr’s campus tour. We mentioned that he finished his Latham experience by attending Rachel’s graduation. This was not your typical graduation at it was attended by 17 family and community supporters, 47 friends from Latham Centers, Latham staff, and of course – Julian Cyr, Michael Mullen, and Jim Majors.
Rachel is an absolutely incredible student who was adored by friends and peers, appreciated by staff, and a ray of light bounding around Latham Campus. She was supportive of those who needed a helping hand, and encouraging to those who needed a loving boost. We are sad to see her go, but know that she will go far in life, and that Latham Centers has set her up with many skill sets to succeed.
While there were many highlights to her graduation, the peaks were Julian’s speech about Rachel, and Rachel’s speech about Latham Centers. Julian explained how proud he is of Rachel for reaching such an important goal, and continued by reading a Citation, “State Senate Official Citation: Be it known that the Massachusetts Senate hereby extend this congratulations to Rachel in recognition of your completion of studies at Latham School. And be it further known, that the Massachusetts Senate extends its best wishes for continued success.” He finished by listing off the signatories, himself included. After Rachel’s Clinician and two staffers spoke about her great initiative and love of life, Rachel ended the graduation. “I came to Latham Centers without having any friends. Now I have 47.” While she discussed her hardships, she focused on her future, and how proud she is of who she has become.
Congratulations, Rachel! We know you will go far.

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