PWS University Episode 18: Quinn explains the feeling of winning awards and becoming a new student mentor

Recently, Katrina (Fryklund) Kozak, Director of National Outreach, and Brittni Kliment, Director of Program Marketing and Admissions, interviewed Quinn for our 18th PWS University Podcast. Quinn has been a student at Latham Centers for the past four months. He faced challenges upon initially entering the program, but he has continued to work hard towards his goals. This hard work has resulted in his winning the Student Hygiene Award at our Student Community Meeting in September. Listen to Quinn’s shock as he hears that he won the award. (Exceptional, since 43 other students also achieved hygiene goals!)

Quinn also discusses some of the challenges he faced when entering the Children’s Program for the first time, and how he can lend a helping hand to new students in Latham’s new student Mentorship program. He specifically mentions his friend Logan, and you can hear the delight in his voice as he explains, “I met him on Zoom before we both came to Latham, and I can help him get through some of the challenges, like being away from his family.”

Quinn, we are so proud of you! Keep working hard!

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