PWS Heroes! Student Will with Staffer Gerard AND Colin and Staffer Kristen

Student Will and Staffer Gerard have both joined us within the past year, and they are shining examples of our PWS community. Will has many interests, including being a barber, and Gerard fosters his growth in our residential program. You met Kristen from our Adult Program earlier this month, and here she is again with Colin. Both Colin and Kristen’s joyous energies are evident in this great photo taken at the dance.

PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Positive Reinforcement

As much as possible, reinforce wanted behaviors and ignore unwanted behaviors – as long as they are not unsafe. Praise is a much more effective way to change behavior; criticism will often lead to more negative behaviors. Think- you get what you give! Give positive feedback and encouragement and in return, you will get a happier child or adult who is more willing to work towards a positive outcome.

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