PWS Heroes! Student Luke with Staffer Patti AND Stephanie with Staffers Nettie and Kathy

Patti has worked at Latham in the Residential and Training Departments, and Luke has gotten to know her well as a student here. He loves talking to her about all his new goings-on when they catch up, including his UPCOMING graduation – CONGRATS, LUKE! Stephanie from our Adult Program is shown posing for a photo at the Spring Fling with Staffers Nettie and Kathy. Thanks to Nettie, Kathy, and Stephanie for being such vibrant spirits!

PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Questions Questions Questions.

For the child or adult who asks multiple questions about their daily schedule — write it down or use visuals and laminate it. Laminating makes it difficult to rip up and formalizes it.


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