PWS Heroes! Student Daniel and Staffer Brian

Football is a common discussion topic for Daniel and his staffer Brian; Daniel knows countless facts about the sport and his favorite team, the Baltimore Ravens!

PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Three Pillars of Equality

Recognizing the importance of employment in the lives of people with disabilities is a crucial step towards gaining independence and self-respect. Those who are able-bodied and of typical intellect take for granted the immense importance of being able to earn and spend our own money independently.

This is true in the PWS community, and the larger disability community and we must recognize and advocate for improved resources to allow those individuals access to meaningful work. It is said that the three pillars of a quality of life are meaningful relationships, leisure of one’s choosing and meaningful work. Let’s band together to ensure access and support to allow the people that we serve to achieve what we all want, a quality life of our choosing.


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