Principal’s Corner: Our students’ incredible Fall Cabaret Talent Show

On Friday, we were treated to a first-ever Fall Cabaret Talent Show, inspired and directed by Instructor of Performing Arts and Wellness Sarah jane Mason. We’d like to thank Miss Sarah jane for the unbelievable talent show! The cafeteria was transformed into an amazing performing space—complete with new stage curtains—and every student stood proudly and sang, danced, and played the piano, guitar, and drums with the BIGGEST smiles imaginable. It was truly an incredible day, and we could not have done it without our AMAZING Miss Sarah Jane, who helps our students shine each and every day! Special thanks also to Amy Anson for helping to create and sew the new stage curtains, and to Bob Fitzpatrick, the “man behind the curtain”, for running sound throughout the show.


Submitted by Director of Education Brittni Kliment

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