Principal’s Corner: Speech Therapist Eileen Hachey is appreciated by students and staff

At Latham School, consulting therapists work with students who qualify and are appropriately identified as needing services including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. Therapists come to campus on different days of the week to meet with our students, either in small groups or individually. Eileen Hachey, who has helped students at Latham for several years, is a certified Speech Therapist who works with roughly 17 of our students on their speech goals as outlined in each student’s IEP. Eileen conducts small-group sessions consisting of 2-3 students working on the same types of goals, as well as individual sessions in which she gears her attention and therapeutic session toward one student. Eileen uses a variety of tools and methods to work with our students including picture cards, directive work, conversational topics, and other apparatuses. Eileen also provides consultation to our teachers and writes thorough reports documenting a student’s progress for quarterly and IEP meetings.

Eileen is adored by both the staff and students here at Latham. She has an extremely calm, neutral, and caring presence, and was described by one student as “one of the nicest therapists I have ever had!”

Thank you, Eileen, for all you do for Latham and our students. We appreciate you so much!



Submitted by Kara McDowell

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