Principal’s Corner: Classroom doors reopen today, and we’re excited!

It’s a monumental day for Latham!   

It is hard to believe that summer has passed, and we are starting our 2021-2022 school year! When I reflect over the past year, I am in awe at what our students have accomplished and what they have overcome. The flexibility and resilience our students have demonstrated while managing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic are extraordinary. On top of that, our students have made progress towards their goals and made friends, all while maintaining in-person learning, which was no small feat!

As we reopen our classroom doors, we are excited to start our 2021-22 school year off with a bang! Today is our first day of school, and students, teachers, and classroom aides are eager to jump right in. We’re looking forward to our Latham Hawks Spirit Week, and we will host our first-ever Pep Rally with Special Olympics right around the corner. In another ‘first’, Latham will hold our inaugural Open House for parents, virtually, next month.

Finally, we are excited to have what we hope to be a year of getting back to normal. That said, I want to thank our phenomenal staff for their dedication to our students. Latham students are making progress and reaching their goals – with the help of all of you. Thank you for encouraging our students to do their best, and for creating opportunities for greater independence and happiness!

Here is to the 2021-2022 Latham Hawks!

Meghan Foley
Director of Education

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