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-4Caption: Amie is just one of the many wise and compassionate staffers loved by the students at Latham School.


You’ve heard us say before that often times staff at Latham Centers are more than just teachers, clinicians, nurses and aides, but rather, family members and confidants. Today we held our PWS Meeting for all our students who have Prader-Willi Syndrome and realized this concept more than ever. Led by Patrice Carroll, our PWS Specialist, the meeting covered topics of feelings and behaviors that many people with Prader-Willi Syndrome experience. Patrice led the group in discussions around common feelings and behaviors they may have and ways to cope with these feelings. Students shared stories of times they were bullied, instances when they felt anxious, and experiences they had with violence. Many of our students discussed ways in which they cope with negative feelings and a central theme of relying on staff came forth.
This meeting gave all our students with Prader-Willi Syndrome the opportunity to express their emotions with their peers as well as gave the staff an opportunity to hear the wonderful ways in which they help our students on a daily basis. While this meeting was to unite our students with Prader-Willi Syndrome, it was easy to see the pride and happiness the student’s comments elicited from the staff that was present. Hearing the growth and maturity of our students while they spoke so highly of our staff, was incredible.
Below are three quotes from students. One of these students has been with us for weeks, while the others have been with us for years.
“This is the smartest staff ever who know how to deal with PWS.” – Matty
“I know that when I feel anxious I have friends that care about me, and family that cares about me, and staff that cares about me here at Latham.” – Patrick
“There are some people here at Latham that I really, really, care about.” –Camryn
 Thank you to all of the amazing staff for all you do for ALL of our students – their sentiments above are just a small token of how much they appreciate you!
Submitted by Kara McDowell
Assistant Principal


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