Principal’s Corner

-3   Students on Latham Campus could not be happier after a fun-filled day.


What a busy month we are having here at the Latham School! We have planned a special day each week in anticipation of the End of the Year Celebration. Our calendar of events includes, an art festival, dance recital, community meeting, spirit week, field day, and prom!! Our students are extremely excited and highly anticipating all of the fun activities.
On Wednesday, June 3rd, the Latham School participated in an Arts Festival. Each classroom created art projects that were viewed and judged by the staff at Latham Centers. This year’s theme was “Under the Sea” and teachers and classroom aides led the students in making creative and fun art projects. Some classrooms turned their room into Underwater Adventures, while others made crafts and displays highlighting some of their favorite sea animals. The winner of this year’s Art Festival was the Race Point Classroom who created an underwater experience in which everyone was invited to “dive in” to the classroom. Their display included sensory integration of ocean sounds and ocean smells. Congratulations to Race Point and to all the classrooms for participating!
Proceeding the Arts Festival was the annual Dance Recital choreographed by Performing Arts teacher, Suzanne Johnson. This year’s classrooms performed dances to the songs, -“Footloose”, “America”, “You’ll Be In My Heart”, “Jump In The Line” and “Burn”. Students were eager to dance away and staff enjoyed watching all the excitement on stage. Congratulations to Suzanne for a job well done and to all the students who participated in the recital!
To conclude our busy Wednesday, staff and students gathered in the Main House for a Community Meeting where students were given academic and residential awards. Two staff members were recognized for their exceptional work this month and presented with “Staff of the Month Certificates”. Congratulations to Monique Williams and Emma Noakes; your dedication and hard work is extremely valued.
Check back for more updates and photos of various events on campus this month! Latham has so much to celebrate this month!


Kara McDowell
Assistant Principal


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