Preparing to welcome a new student:  Local Rabbi teaches our staff about Jewish traditions


Our Children’s Services team has been looking forward to welcoming a new student who observes Orthodox Judaism. To best serve this student and learn more about Kosher dietary laws and Orthodox Jewish traditions, we invited Rabbi Yekusiel Alperowitz from Chabad Lubavitch (in nearby Hyannis) to speak with us and answer questions.  In attendance for last week’s presentation in our schoolhouse library were Latham’s chefs, residential and educational staff members, and clinicians. 

Rabbi Alperowitz taught us about Jewish dietary laws regarding food consumption, preparation, and observation periods.  We learned that the two most essential components of a Kosher diet include only consuming Kosher meats, and not mixing meat and dairy.  Also, fish, which is considered pareve (neither meat nor dairy) is separated into non-kosher and kosher categories, with swordfish and freshwater cod on the non-kosher list, and haddock and halibut on the kosher list. Interestingly, eggs are also a pareve item.  The Rabbi also discussed the tradition of Shabbat, the day of rest.  Shabbat begins Friday at sundown and ends on Saturday when the stars come out.  During Shabbat, people of the Orthodox Jewish faith observe by resting.  The Rabbi’s impressive presentation was extremely helpful to our staff members, and we’re delighted to meet our incoming Latham School student.

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