Our students’ love for animals is evident in their recent experiences!


Our educational team’s fun fall outings and outstanding on-campus activities continue to impress our Latham Community. The Amazing Animals Exhibit came to the students on campus, and the students explored off-campus to learn about sharks at the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s Shark Center in Chatham.

Director of Education Meghan Foley said students had a blast at the Amazing Animals presentation. “They were engaged throughout the presentation. Everyone loved the opportunity to love the lizards, and they thought the hedgehog was adorable!”

Special Education Teacher Jeff Lee shared fantastic photos from the Shark Center, telling his colleagues, “The students of the Bass River classroom were so excited to finally go and learn about our famous local friends out here on Cape Cod. They loved all the displays and information, and the staff were so friendly and informative. I recommend making a trip to visit this fun little museum.”

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