Our first Special Olympics soccer game was “absolutely amazing!”

The Latham Hawks soccer team attended their first Special Olympics game of the season recently, and it was fantastic to get back on the field together!

In an email to staff, Monique Williams, Special Olympics Soccer Coach and Latham Centers’ Director of Health and Wellness, said, “Due to COVID safety protocols, our team had not participated in a game for almost two years, and they did absolutely amazing! For both teams, there was unbelievable goaltending by both Quinn and Aiden F, there was hustle from the forwards, and the defense worked their tails off. Team #1 came up short with a 5-2 loss to the Cape Cod Waves, both goals scored by Jack. Archie with hat trick, assisted Team #2 to come away with a 3-0 win against LIFE. The team worked together, had great sportsmanship, and Sean and Bella joined us for the day to cheer on their peers.”

Our entire campus worked together to make this happen, including the nursing squad who prepped meds for the trip, the kitchen who prepped meals, and the overnight staff who assisted with preparing the athletes. Monique specifically shouted out staffers Danny, Chris, Jeff, Zach, and MaryClaire for a solid and successful first game. Go, Latham Hawks!

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