Nurse wanted for Latham’s Human Rights Committee

Our Human Rights Committee is hoping to find a nurse to volunteer his or her time as a committee member. Latham Centers’ Human Rights Committee is comprised of at least 5 members and includes a parent of an adult service recipient at Latham, an individual who receives services, an attorney, a social worker, and a nurse. This volunteer oversight committee helps review our human rights practices. The current committee vacancy is for a nurse; the role can be filled by an RN or LPN and can be someone currently practicing or retired. The nurse’s role is to give a quality check to our medication administration practices. The Human Rights Committee meets 4 times a year (on a weeknight) from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. at Latham Centers’ campus expansion site at 1439 Main Street, Brewster. Teleconferencing is available.

Anyone interested in learning more about this volunteer committee vacancy should contact Rebecca Amaral, Latham’s Quality Enhancement Coordinator, at (508) 896-5776 ext. 293.

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