New Science Teacher Inspires Students

Latham School is lucky to have Science Teacher Jeremiah Nickerson! A native of Chatham, Jeremiah has taught on and off-cape in a variety of public and private school settings. Jeremiah brings a wealth of knowledge about innovative teaching strategies to daily science classes. He is very skilled at using his classroom’s Promethean Board to promote engaging learning.

Latham students recently completed a unit on Astronomy. One component of Jeremiah’s lessons included having the students observe the moon each night for one month and record what they saw. Classroom teams then engaged in a discussion about the phases of the Moon.

Jeremiah is planning a Science Fair for Latham School in March of 2012. Students are already very excited about the fair, and many of them are already working on their projects and experiments. Some students have chosen to work on individual projects, while others are working in small groups. Some of the student-chosen topics are: testing the growth of beansprouts given varying levels of light; determining why birds are particular about certain types of bird feeders; experimenting with pitch and tone, given glasses with different levels of water; and constructing a working volcano.

Jeremiah wasn’t sure what to expect at Latham in terms of student interest and participation in science class. He is really glad that the students seem so excited about learning.

Contributed by:
Pam Nolan, M.Ed.
Director of Education

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” 
~Henry Brooks Adams

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