Making new friends: Latham’s Virtual Storytime features Hannah

Latham Centers has received wonderful feedback on our Virtual Storytime programming. It has become a much-anticipated online event created by the Children’s Program team for students with Prader-Willi syndrome. Katrina Fryklund, Director of National Outreach, shares highlights of a recent Virtual Storytime:

Virtual Storytime at Latham Centers is full of fun surprises. Hannah joins us each week, and always surprises her friends with different family pets like her service dog, Fritz. Patrice Carroll and I sat down with Hannah and encouraged her to write about her experience after reading Alfie by Thyra Heder. Alfie is about a girl named Nia:  “Nia loves Alfie, her pet turtle. He didn’t leave Nia—he’s actually searching for the perfect birthday present for his dear friend.” Below are Hannah’s inspirational words about Storytime, our growing virtual PWS Community, and being a leader amongst her peers.

“Joining Storytime every week is really cool because I get to talk to people around the world with the same syndrome as me. It’s cool because it helps me not feel so alone. I had only met two people with PWS before and now I have lots of new friends with PWS. I especially love when new kids join us, so we can make even more friends. I was nervous to read but I did a really good job because I’m a good reader. Patrice and Katrina gave me the option to read a book about a turtle because I’m a mature young lady, and also own a turtle. At home I have lots of fish, two dogs (one of which is a service dog), one turtle, two cats, and six parakeets – I am an animal lover and really enjoyed reading a book about a turtle. My friends helped me name some of my fish and my favorite name suggestions were Sunshine, Starlight, Patrice Jr., and Sushi. Storytime is awesome and it was an honor to be a special guest. (I learned from writing this that I’m a good writer too!)”

 Thank you, Hannah, for reading for us, and for being a very special guest! Just as you’ve made great new friends, you’ve become an awesome friend to kiddos from around the country with PWS!

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