Living and Thriving with PWS

February 17, 2015

 February 2015

How change affects an individual with PWS
When someone is affected by changein their daily life, they can be either happy or disappointed.  When living with Prader-Willi Syndrome and facing change, it is even more difficult. It always hits us the hardest and we can react in so many ways. Over the past couple of years I’ve had to deal with a whole lot of change. Some of those changes have had a deep effect on me. Below is an example of my journey and change I’ve faced.

When staff at your home changes it can be either good or bad. For this example I’m using Jack and Jill. 

Jack had been a staff at the house for quite some time and got to know each client pretty well.  After making a tough decision to enhance his career, Jack decided to take a teaching position elsewhere.  The residents were disappointed by the news, but they were happy about the new journey Jack was about to take. Jill also worked at our home at the time.

Jill was a fairly new staff at the house and she treated the residents as if she was their mother. Jill helped dry their tears when theywere upset and helped them overcome personal challenges.  Jill had built a strong bond with a lot of the residents, so strong in fact that Jill provided them with confidence and raised self-esteem. Jill found out that a different position had opened up at another house, and this was an opportunity that Jill had been hoping for.

Everyone thought “NO, NOT JILL!!!”  We were sad to see her leave but thrilled that she would get to pursue her dreams. I was at first disappointed that both Jack and Jill left the residence. It wasn’t until they were actually gone that I realized what they have already given me. In their own, unique ways, both Jack and Jill taught me skills and information I will use for the rest of my life.

When the house residents were nervous about the future, other staff came to our aid. After the other residents left I had a brief conversation with two staffers and they helped me realize how I’ve grown into an adult over my time at Latham! Change can be hard, but in my life I’ve begun to understand what new opportunities and positive change can bring.  I am going to continue living with PWS and THRIVING WITH A PASSION!!

Derek M.,
Adult Resident at Latham Centers

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